DorGer Seed - Agricultural Solution for Adaptation to Climate Change

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Lương Văn Trường


Đào Thị Hồng Quyên


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Project status

On-going: Scale up stage

Climate change impacts on Agriculture

Climate change not only causes extreme weather phenomena such as hail, drought, floods... but it also has a heavy impact on the agricultural sector, possibly leading to complete crop failure. Climate change has had a strong impact on the crop industry, most obviously reducing arable land, causing drought and pests, putting great pressure on the development of the crop indusy and the agricultural sector.

Changing the pattern of precipitation

In the past, extreme weather events occurred with a seasonal pattern, but in recent years, extreme weather events occur all year round, even in the months that are considered rarely have extreme weather.

Extreme weather phenomena spread across all regions of Vietnam, of which extreme drought and rain are typical in the Central region, severe cold and damaging cold in the Northern mountainous region; drought and saltwater intrusion in the South.

This phenomena occurs not only in Vietnam but whole the world. Weather patterns are becoming less favorable in many instances, increasing the volatility of crop and livestock yields in Africa. Solutions for farmers to tackle climate change are extremely urgent. 

DorGer Seed - Germinate immediately

We developed a new technique that allow seed to germinate in 30 mimutes. And the farmers could save 3 - 5 days for preparation. 

The best features of Dorseed technique


Expermented 20 hectares each crop seasons in CoDo Farm - Nghia Hung District - Nam Dinh Province

Over 30 hectares each crop seasons in Vu Ban and Nghia Hung District - Nam Dinh Province

In total: 100 hectares using Dorger Seeds

Our mission

DorGer will be applied on a large scale in Vietnam and the world and reduce life's difficulty of famers. 


Certificate of Merit 

from the Central Youth Union

First Prize of National Rural Youth Start-up 2022