Bioplastic Based Organic Materials

Team members

Mentor: Dao Thi Hong Quyen

Students: Dang Tien Thanh - 12 Math 2, Pham Phuong Anh - 12 Biology, Le Thu Huong - 12 English


Dang Tien Thanh - Student of FPT Univesity (Information Assurance)

Pham Phương Anh - Student of University of Science (Hanoi)

Le Thu Huong - Student of Foreign Trade University (Hanoi)

Project status

Completed: prototype

On-going: Building production processe on an industrial scale


Today, plastic waste is a major concern for the global ecosystem. Among plastic waste, food packaging waste is a group less collected and treated than bottles and containers. Meanwhile, the waste due to this one-time packaging also greatly affects marine life and soil creatures. To address this problem, we aim to create packaging materials that are similar to plastics: flexible, easy to shape, and fully biodegradable in the natural environment in a short time. 

Plastics contribute to climate change in various ways. Plastic will account for 20% of oil consumption in fossil oil 2050. Extraction and transportation of fossil fuel is a carbon – intensive process. Nearly 40% of plastic are used as single use packaging. Incineration is the most popular treatment of plastic waste. This method increases greenhouse gases and respiration disease.

Our product can be bio-degradable after 20 days landfill. These products will be converted to bio-compost. It does not only reduce emission greenhouse gases but also rise soil nutrients. 



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