STEM for Rural Area

Project status

Completed (2018 -2019)


Our project’s target is building a local self – supported STEM ecosystem in Nam Dinh province. 70% of Vietnamese children live in rural areas. They do not have access to STEM education. The main reasons are secondary and primary schools located in the country that lack of STEM curriculums, training STEM for teachers, and laboratory facilities. This problem results in a large gap between education in city and rural areas, decreasing the chance to choose STEM careers. 

To solve these problems, we created a project STEM for Rural Area. Firstly, we build a sense of community and understanding of STEM education for students at Le Hong Phong High School. Le Hong Phong High School is the leading school in Nam Dinh province with more than 60% of students coming from the countryside. We have selected and trained students to become STEM education ambassadors and volunteers. 

In parallel with training students, in order to build the STEM ecosystem, we focus on math and science teachers and traditional village associations. We select and train teachers of secondary schools who are capable and enthusiastic to be the core teachers of the project. To address the problem of lack of facilities, we link the craft villages in the area to develop STEM practice related STEM content. 

After training our teachers, STEM ambassador students and local situations, we developed local STEM clubs. This club has the participation of STEM ambassadors and teachers and is advised by the local villages and scientists.

Project members

Dao Thi Hong Quyen

Founder - Biology Teacher

Now: Head of Science Department - Genesis School Hanoi

Nguyen Bao Phuc

Project Coordinator 

Class: 11 English 2

Now: Computer Science student - Fairleigh Dickinson University (Canada)

Tran Thuy Dương

Project content board

Class: 11 English 2

Now: Student of Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam

Nguyen Huong Giang

Project Media board

Class: 11 English 2

Now: Student of Fulbright University Vietnam


1. STEM training for teachers in Truc Ninh district: 120 teachers from 26 primary and secondary schools.

2. STEM training for teachers in Le Hong Phong gifted high school: 30 teachers from secondary and high school.

3. STEM Ambassador and Leadership workshop for students: 60 students of Le Hong Phong Gifted High School.

3. STEM Fair in Teacher’s Day:  arranged by 30 STEM Ambasadors  and over 300 teachers and students joined in.

4. YSEALI Unified: 200 students who are STEM Ambassador and who want to join this project

5. Equality in STEM career workshop: over 60 students with over 70 percent girl.

7. STEM day at Tran Dang Ninh secondary school: about 300 secondary students joined in this event.

8. STEM day at Le Hong Phong Gifted High School: Over 1200 students joined in.

Translated STEM resource for Vietnamse teacher

These materials was translated by STEM Ambassador Students. 


Diameter of Moon - Đường kính mặt trăng

Khám phá Mặt Trăng.docx