Mangrove Forest and Sustainable Development

A MicroGrant - YSEALI project, Hanoi 2022

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Vietnam is a country with diverse marine resources with a coastline of more than 3260 km, not to mention islands. There are 29 out of 63 provinces with mangroves. Vietnam's mangrove ecosystem spans over 200,000 hectares with a variety of organisms such as mangrove plants, animals, and seaweed.

Mangroves play an important role in environmental ecology and economy. However, understanding about biodiversity and the role of mangroves in schools is still very limited.

This Mangrove and Sustainable Development project is implemented to raise awareness about biodiversity, ensuring the sustainable development of the community. The project directly impacts students and mangrove locales and impacts communities through a range of learning activities including fieldwork and classrooms. The project's communication product will have a great effect on the knowledge and behavior of other citizens through social networks.

The three main tasks of the project include:

1. Surveying the diversity of flora, fauna, microorganisms (bacteria, algae, fungi) and the relationship between organisms in the mangrove forest of Xuan Thuy National Park.

2. The livelihood of the local community relies on mangrove resources

3. Mangrove depletion and environmental impact of mangrove depletion

The project is implemented in the following forms of activities:

1. STEAM project in school

2. Field trip and mangrove biodiversity survey

3. Take photos, make movies, media campaign about mangrove biodiversity



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