Building STEM teachers community

About Vietnam STEM Alliance

STEM alliance is not an organization. It is more like a tribe of volunteers  and organisations  that promote STEM educatiion in Vietnam since 2015.

STEM alliance holds a variety of events and programs such as:

A active member of Vietnam STEM Alliance

I joined Vietnam STEM Alliance in 2017. It was a great time in my life when I met scholars, scientists, teachers and managers who have had the same ambition to me - promoting STEM education. I joined STEM traning course as a trainer. During many STEM courses and events, I realized that in order to make science education really change in schools, the impact process needs to be long-term in all aspects, requiring both perseverance of all stakeholders.

In an effort to connect STEM teachers from all over Vietnam, we created a group Facebook for STEM teachers . An open group is a social "platform" that teachers are easy to pose a questions, find a jobs, projects and share STEM lessons and materials.

Raising STEM literacy became the first and formost step to change the teaching approach to STEM education. From August 2020 to now, 26 STEM webinars was held. 

As the moderator of the STEM webinars, I learned a lot as well as expanded my network.

Now, the webinar series has over 50.000 views and the Facebook group has nearly 16.000 members. Many teachers have been able to overcome difficulties and benefit from these groups of activities.

List of webinars: